Diary – 11th November 2015

Weather looking a bit damp this morning and forecast certainly suggested rain, but it was dry when I left the house. But as soon as I got to the road it rained for a while.

Early Birds indoors or out? Decided to stay out, only boys around playing football who don’t mind getting wet. There weren’t many children around at all – only 10 by 8.30am. And just as it got to bell time the rain started.

Walked home in rain. It’s Wednesday so Naomi is home. Read paper, took BP.

My chilli plants and pepper plants are starting to suffer in the greenhouse so I started to bring them indoors. Did it one-by-one and washed the muck off leaves as I brought them in. Did that to lunchtime.

Had a quick guitar play and then it was time to head back down to school for another Christmas craft session. No-one had checked up on our supplies so we didn’t have any jokes left so I spent 10 minutes searching for and printing new ones and then realised we only had 4 paper hats left. So we didnt make many new ones but finished off the ones we had started last week and then got them packed in cellophane. The hour went very quickly.

back home, sat down for 10 minutes and suddenly realised it was almost 5 o’clock. So set to cooking some mince for tea and remembered to stick jack potatoes in oven. Quite tasty.

Left house 6.20pm with my guitar heading to Lancaster. Parked on Dalton Sq. Teacher impressed with how I’ve improved on playing Iron Man; I need to look at the rest of tune.

From there I went to a prayer meeting called Community Call, organised by one of the Lancaster churches. I think there were a dozen of us there. It felt to me very much it was that church’s meeting and we were visiting them. I suppose it would probably be much like that for them if my church had organised it. Prayer finished at 8.30pm and then we chatted for a while. Then went round to admire Andy and Elspeth’s home improvements. More like a rebuild.

And then drive home for 9.45pm or so. Sat down to relax for a few minutes before bed

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