Diary – 15th November 2015

Managed a lie-in until about 7.30am when I needed the toilet. Then had 2 hours to fill before going out. Did a bit of prep for church – write out my communion prayer and sort out some of the craft for Lighthouse. 

Left in car at 9.30am, drove to Lancaster and parked by Dalton Sq. at church sept half an hour getting ready for lighthouse and chat. In service for some songs and communion and then left with Lighthouse. I did craft with the little ones – making angels from cup-cake liners to remember story of Gabriel visiting Mary.  

Several positive comments. 

After service left at about 12.30pm and popped into town to get shampoo and something for lunch from M&S. And the day drove home on very busy A6. 

So we had M&S lamb steaks for lunch. 

Spent a while in the afternoon on the lawn sweeping leaves. Much harder than last time as everything was soaking wet. 

I came in. Decided on a cross-country trip tomorrow to deal with family matters. Naomi went out. I played some guitar, sorted laundry. 

Decided to do a rowing session. Managed a reasonable distance. 

Watched some TV before bed. Pleased to see weather forecast is dry for the morning. 

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