Diary – 16th November 2015

And another week starts. Slept well after yesterday’s late exercise.

Mornings are dark now but light by the time I leave the house, for now.

Early Birds was quiet. They boys played rugby instead of football and seemed much calmer for it.

Came home, read paper  in kitchen and so forgot to do BP reading. Then sorted things out for an afternoon drive.

Monday means village Bible study. More of us this week. Tony led again but wasn’t quite as with-it as last week and required regular prompting. But otherwise a good way to start the week. Finished about 1230pm.

Came home, had a quick lunch and was in car at about 1pm.

Driving to Middlesbrough. Roads were not busy. Stopped at Kirkby Stephen and grabbed a geocache. Views from top were great. First stop was care home. Sat with Richard and Betty and read out legal form about me being appointed as deputy. Betty said she didn’t like it, but I don’t think she understands anything to do with it. Then looked at Richard’s TV and then left. Total time there was about half an hour.

Drove round to house, tidied up plants along front path and then gave indoors a quick check.

And then on to Boosbeck. Didn’t reckon on rush-hour traffic so early; shouldn’t have gone past hospital. A 25 minute drive took more like 45 minutes. Stopped with Kathryn and Mick for about an hour for a good chat.

And then about 6pm back in car to drive home. More rush-hour delays around Skelton. Stopped at Scotch Corner to refuel. Weather got bad over top and frost alarm came on. Got home about 8.15pm.

Naomi had prepared toad-in-the-hole which was very welcome. Sat with a beer and sifted through Richard’s post – what a lot of rubbish.

Bed shortly after 10pm feeling v tired.



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