Diary – 18th November 2015

A wet morning for once. Walked down to school in rain so decision to hold Early Birds indoors was an easy one. And I was first in building so had to unlock door and disable burglar alarm. Club went OK for half an hour or so and then went a bit crAzy, Mrs Harwood came in and shouted at the boys. Rain had abated so we went outside. It was only. A few minutes before Mrs Harwood came out as rain had got worse again and children went inside and I finished early. 

Came home in heavy rain. Read paper, took BP, cleaned up in kitchen, played a bit of guitar. Dennis and Linda came round to return memory pen and to talk more about MP3 players. Then I did a bit of work clearing drains. 

Finished beetroot soup for lunch. 

Then I was walking back down to school for third Christmas craft session and had lots of children working with me to make bird feeders. 

Came home, got stuff for connect group and then made tea. 

And then i was out driving to Lancaster. Waiting for 5 minutes at Music Spot it sounded like someone drumming on the roof; that was heavy rain. 

Guitar lesson went well. We looked at my Skillet music book and did some work with a song called Hero. 

And from there to connect group. All of us there. A good evening. 

Home for about 10pm and wondering how windy it’s going to be overnight. 

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