Diary – 27th November 2015

Another dry morning and an earlier start for me, 6.30am. Walked to shop for papers, came home and then drove back down to school. early birds was outside. As its Friday it was Rowan and me for a long time. He got bored of kicking a football by himself so we leaned on the fence and chatted. Headmistress came out again and liked that the boys had found something other than football to play. I cleaned out the Guinea pigs while Izzy held them and then it was time for me to leave early. 

Drove up to Calder Vale, brief chat with Alison and then drove minibus down to Little Ducklings nursery. 

10 kids and 2 staff so a bus-full. Took them back to school and then drove to Galgate, on to motorway and up to Carnforth junction and back again. Got back to school, had a tea and cake and then joined in singing before we got back in the bus and went back to nursery, took bus back to school, jumped into my car and drove home. 

Had lunch. 

Locksmith turned up on time. Found loose screws in front-door lock then had a look at garage and shed doors. Stayed for about an hour all told. 

Weather deteriorated so it was a good afternoon to stay in. Mostly on PC, IoT course, email. 

Naomi came home, I cooked steak for tea. 

Then I was out. 

Spent evening at LBC with youth group. Supervised a catch the flag game and then a talk time. Finished about 1015pm. 

Drove home, quick drink and bed. 

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