Diary – 1st December 2015

Phew, what a busy day!!

It began with a restless night woke early, Naomi being sick. 

It was rather wet so we started early birds indoors, it was going ok and getting noisy but teachers weren’t complaining. Even the headmistress stuck her head round door and didn’t shout. We did go out for a few minutes before bell. 

Came home and then drove Naomi to work, came home and sat down to read paper. And a few other chores. 

Shortly after 11am set off to walk down to village again.  Stopped at post office to send a letter and continued to Ruth and Dennis’s house. There for a meeting with Linda and Dnnis as well about Open the Book on Thursday. Bit of an odd time as I sat there watching these old people trying on things from the “dressing-up box”. We were done by 1pm and I walked home. 

A quick lunch, sort out tea and then out again, walking down to village. My weekly dose of listening to readers. When that was done I walked over to the Barn to buy 2 cards and then headed home. 

Did a bit of my IoT course and then a rowing session – 3rd day in a row!!

And after a quick shower I was out of the house again. In the car this time, time to collect Naomi from work. Except it wasn’t. I sat in the car for about 1 1/2 hours before she came out. Good job I took my iPad with me!

We came home quickly – no traffic queues at 7pm. Tea was easy as it was mostly out of the slow cooker but maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the slow-cook rice. 

Oh, my BP is getting a bit high again

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