Diary – 30th November 2015

Didn’t sleep,well and it was a struggle to get out of bed at 6.45am. A dark, wet morning. Down at early birds we were indoors but the kids were all for going out. Boys were doing maths puzzles on the whiteboard but there were only a dozen or so before 8.45am. I sent them straight to their classes and was out early. Chatted to th secretary and then to Jonty in the shop so didn’t get home any earlier!!

Read the paper, took BP. Did some online banking paying uncle’s debts. Being cautious and making a payment and waiting for received confirmation before making another. 

1030 out in the rain to village Bible study. Missing a few faces but it was still,a good time. And back home shortly after 12pm. 

Lunch and then a drive into Garstang to pick up Naomi’s prescription. Had to wait what felt like ages. While driving there and back looked for places that might sell plant pots,  more particularly the saucers to stand pots in; is B&Q the only place to sell them at this time of year?

Back home I had laundry to do, firewood to chop, more of the IoT course to watch, look at the parish and CTL websites and a rowing session to do. 

Naomi came home, we had tea and went out for an evening shop at Booths. 

Needed a glass of whisky before bed after that busy day!!

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