Diary – 4th December 2015

Slept solidly. Alarm went off early as it does on Friday. So after breakfast I walked down to the village; it’s quite dark at 7.30am now. Walked home, had a few minutes and then drove down to school in car. Early birds was outside. Just me and Rowan for a while. Had a bit of trouble when Michael jumped at the willow wigwam and one of the other kids went to tell headmistress. 

At 8.45 I left and drove over to Calder Vale. Another forest Friday run in the minibus. Back to the Little Ducklings nursery I went to last week.  Took them back to school and no need for a minibus drive so I went home. 

Spent the time in my office. Mostly doing IoT course to the point where I had to do more work on my product business plan. 

And then it was back in the car, drive back to Calder Vale school and return children to the nursery. 

Back in Scorton at 1230. Stopped at vicarage to talk about website updates and to do some copying. 

And then home for lunch. 

Spent an hour or so working on parish website. 

Did my daily rowing session, another long one. 

Back to website and updating calendar. 

Naomi came home, we had pizza for tea and sticky toffee pudding. And watched TV for the evening. 

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