Diary – 13th December 2015

Got up at 8am. It was frosty outside but didn’t feel too cold indoors. Had breakfast and then cleared kitchen before setting out. 

Fist job was to scrape 2 lots of car windows then I drove over to Forton. Hunted for a geocache but failed to find it. Drove on to LBC of morning service. Nativity service and I got to dress up as a shepherd

We struggled to do the nativity without any rehearsal which was missed because of all the problems last weekend but I think it went OK. Aft service chatted to a few people. 

Popped into town for a few minutes and then headed home via petrol station. 

Chicken Kiev for lunch. 

We went out for an excursion. First stop was the new Aldi shop in Garstang. From there dove to find a geocache by the canal bridge. Another unable to find so drive down to Catteral and did find the geocache there. And then returned home. 

Did another row. Back to 6700+. 

Naomi went out. I finished week three of the IoT course struggling with slow internet meaning videos kept on pausing. Again find it annoying that the main exercise is about marketing my IoT device, not mentioned as a requirement of the course. 

Spent rest of evening watching TV. 

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