Diary – 6th January 2015

Pleased that getting out of bed at 6.45am isn’t a problem. 

It was dark but dry again. 

Down at school I kept early birds indoors until about 8.30am when tensions were rising. And everything was OK once we were outside. 

Collected newspapers and returned home. 

Chubb engineer had arrived and Naomi was having breakfast. Engineer took another quarter of an hour or so. 

Sat down with a cup of tea and read newspaper. Completed a medium sudoku in just a few minutes. 

Went out for a geocache. Drove to Cockerham, parked at village hall, walked through church-yard and across a field to a group of trees and found cache very quickly. And drove home. 

Had a lot of laundry to deal with and dismantled Christmas decorations before lunch. 

After lunch took Christmas tree outside, cleared some very wet leaves from the lawn.  

Tea was left-overs from yesterday 

And then my Wednesday evening routine kicked in: drive to central Lancaster for guitar lesson at the music spot. We learned a riff from Blue Oyster Cult and then looked at the Skillet book and a tune called Monster. 

And from there drove to Ruth and Clive’s house for connect group. First meeting after Christmas so lots to talk about. Most importantly we decided what to do for the next few weeks. 

Came home for about 9.30pm followed shortly by Naomi. 

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