Diary – 8th January 2015

Thank crunchier it’s Friday! Another dark morning and oh! It’s raining as well. 

Breakfast and then down to school. Mrs thwarted had set up computers in the library which was going to make early birds interesting. We had one small table which was quickly filled with Theo, Ellis and Lewis. It got a bit wild with kids playing with bean bags. And at ten to I told children it was time to head to their classes. 

Came home with newspapers and then it was time to drive Naomi to work. Came back via Ellel and stopped there to find a geocache. In the rain. It wasn’t very far to walk across the field. 

Came home, read papers. A bit of time on parish web site, found the WordPress cache. Played some guitar and then tidied laundry. 


As weather improved it was time to drive out to Calder Vale school. Chatted with Helen before taking kids home in minibus. 

Then drove back to the school, chatted to Mrs Woodhouse and then set off towards university along back roads. lots of surface water. It took 20 minutes. 

And back home. Stopped at Thorpy’s for fish and chips take-away. 

Evening in front of TV. 

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