Diary – 13th January 2016

It was cold when I got out of bed. And dark and dry. 

Breakfast and then walk to school. Early birds was quiet. I was asked to make another of those origami selectors  we went outside at about 8.30am. It was very cold. 

Walked home with papers. A quick read and then I was out again. 

Another walk down to the village and the church. Today is Open The Book. We did the story of the magi visiting Jesus. I did the PowerPoint again. It went down very well. 

We followed that with a quick chat about JaM club and Messy Church. 

Anto took me to the Barn for lunch. I had a bowl of tasty Brocolli and cheese soup. Then we retreated to the Vicarage. 

Spent about an hour with the vicar, Anton, doing IT support. First success was getting the big printe working simply by resetting the admin password and then changing the IP address. 

Came home about 2.30pm and went staring out again, in car this time. Another day when I “needed” to find a geocache. Drove to Cockerham to log one I had spotted a few months ago. Pleased that it was still in situ. And drove home again. 

There was much of the afternoon left before I was making tea: baked potato with tinned chilli beef. 

And then I was off to guitar lesson, played the Monster tune from last week and then looked at Hero. Was Paul right that we’d done it before? I don’t remember!!

And from there went on to Connect group meeting where we did our first study on the topic of hope. Went well but some odd questions. And went on rather late. 

So got home after 10pm and straight to bed. 

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