Diary – 18th January 2016

And back to work. Oh, it’s so dark this morning! And brrrr! The bedroom is cold. 

Have breakfast and then get ready and walk down to school for early birds club. I was first staff into the building. Played tiddlywink frogs by myself for a while,before any children turned up and then we had a quiet drawing session before we went outside. 

Came home with papers and sat in kitchen to read while Naomi got up and had breakfast. 

Then we went out in car to doctor’s surgery. Nurse as impressed to see Naomi waking and pleased with the wound healing and lack of bruising. From there we went on a caching trip down to Broughton church. A quick find with the hint. Then we went on a drive along country lanes and after a couple of wrong turns ended up at Myerscough. Parked at back entrance to college and did a short walk along the canal. And  then drove home. 

Soup for lunch. 

Spent some tiMe in the afternoon in office. Trying to tidy up mailbox and did play some guitar until I got too cold. 

Had leftover turkey risotto for tea. 

Went back to office in evening and retuned guitar to standard tuning to play some different riffs. 

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