Diary – 20th January 2016

It was dark when I got up but I persuaded myself that mornings are getting lighter. That might be because today there was zero cloud cover and so it was very cold.

ate breakfast and walked down to school. We were having acquire time in early birds until kids started fighting with rulers. That was great cue to go outside. It was freezing! Was glad when the bell went and I could head home. 

Read paper, did housework and other stuff. Prepared a stew in the slow cooker. 

After lunch we drove down to Gubberford Lane and walked along the Millennium Way. 

Tea was the stew with baked potatoes. 

Then it was time for me to drive to Lancaster. 

Guitar lesson went well. We played s Beatles tune and then knocking on heavens door yo think about strumming patterns. 

From there onto connect group. Studied psalm 27. A good evening. 

Home for 9.45. Spent a bit of time on my PC – is the disk brown or just clogged up?

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