Diary – 27th January 2016

Mornings are definitely getting lighter. 

Breakfast and walk down to village. Fairly quiet start to Early Birds. Just about 8.30 as the boys were getting hyper and using the bean bags to jump on Mrs Hesketh came in so I got in quick and said we were about to go outside. And once outside it was all calm. 

From there went to prayer meeting in church. 6 of us when Naomi joined us. And then walked home together. 

Naomi had a nap. I did a 30-minute rowing session. 

Had lunch and then we went for a walk round the block and popped into Spar. 

Came home, made tea. Baked potatoes with left-over stew. 

Then set out to Lancaster. Bit concerned about road reports on Facebook about closed motorway and tail diverted through Lancaster so took back road from Bay Horse to Quernmore and then Lancaster. Lots of affix in opposite direction but passed under motorway and saw 3 lanes open but moving slowly. 

Guitar lesson was good despite lack of practice over week. Looks at the Beatles song we did last week and then looked at another Skillet song. 

Then on to connect group. Deborah Henderson joined us. Another bible study on hope. Questions were a bit repetitive. Finished at 9.30. 

A very quick drive home, roads were empty.   

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