Diary – 8th February 2016

Ah, the start of another week. But not too hard to persuade myself to get out of bed. 

Down at s hook it was just me and two boys in early birds club until about 8.30. As it got busier I checked the weather; the rain was fairly light so I said we would go outside. I was waylaid by the headmistress on the way to the door and by the time I was ready to go out one of the teachers was calling everyone in because of the heavy rain. At least that meant an early finish for me. 

Came home, read paper and then it was time for us to host the village Bible study. Only 3 ladies turned up but we had a good morning. Chatted a lot, covered some points from the UCB notes and prayed together. They left abut midday. 

Cleaned upstairs bathroom and then we had lunch. Soup. 

Then we planned an afternoon out. Drove down to Garstang. And parked on Wyre Lane. Walked from there along riverside all the way down to the road bridge and then came back along High Street and back to river at car park and back to car. From there drove to Booths to do some shopping. Came out with a laden trolley!!

Had some slightly out-of-date gnocchi for tea with a homemade sauce and chicken breasts. 

Did some IT work in the evening a played some guitar. 

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