Diary – 9th February 2016

Counting down to half-term. Only 3 get-ups after today. 

Early birds was quiet again. I played draught with Theo with some odd rules. Went outside after a while.   

Came home, read paper. Did some IT stuff upstairs, learned how to add links to files on parish WordPress site. 

Late morning did a rowing session, 6640m in 30 minutes. 

Pancakes for lunch

Then I was off to school for reading support. That went well. 

Walked back up hill with Naomi. 

Did a bit of guitar practice before watching Pointless. 

Teat time. Pancakes!!


And then we were out again. Drove to Lancaster, picked up Brian and then continued to Castle for OMF prayer meeting. A good evening, but it went on rather late and we didn’t leave until 10pm m

At least the road was quiet for driving home. 

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One Response to Diary – 9th February 2016

  1. tryingnottohate says:

    Your pancakes look delicious.
    And I’m partial to a bit of pointless too haha! šŸ‘

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