Diary – 13th February 2016

It as very pleasing to switch off my alarm clock yesterday morning, but I forgot about the LBC Men’s prayer breakfast this morning, so the lark was back in last night and it woke me up at 6.45am. That was plenty of time to get myself sorted before leaving the house just before 7.30am. Hadn’t allowed much time for scraping ice off the car!!

Drove down to village, collected newspapers and drove back up lane to deliver Tony’s, turned round and drove back through village and on to Lancaster. Parked on Moorlands and walked down to LBC. 

Breakfast was cereal, toast and a homemade concoction of sausage, hash browns and eggs with some bacon. And a prayer time. Left about 9.45am to drive home. 

Had some time to read paper before we walked down to village at midday for Lent lunch at the Methodist Chapel. Soup and bread and then cheese and biscuits. And good conversation. 

From there we left village in car, drove up M6 to Carnforth. Parked on Main Street and went for a little walk. Then we separated and I made my way to railway station and cafe. 

Met up with a guy who I was a secondary school with in the 70s. Chatted for an hour or so while drinking tea; how very civilised!! Then took train  together to Lancaster. Don’t remember the last time I travelled along that section of railway. Interesting view of new road. 

Said goodbye on bridge and I walked in to centre. Wandered around aimlessly and then walked over to Halfords to meet up with Naomi. A short wander around B&M and then we headed home. 

Spent a while,in the evening doing parish IT, ate pizza and watched most of Casualty. 

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