Diary – 20th February 2016

Up at about 8am again. Room was a bit like a sauna with all the wet gear from our walk. 

Down to breakfast and a full English again

And then back to the room to pack. Didn’t take long. And then left hotel. 

Took road that goes to kendal via Crook. Road was very wet – there must have been a lot of rain overnight. Round kendal bypass and onto m6. Drive home took under an hour and we were at home just after 11am. 

Enough time to do a bit of unpacking before walking down to village for Lent lunch at Methodist Chapel. A good number of people again. Borrowed sue’s keys and went to vicarage to do some photocopying and so returned to chapel and then walked home. 

Didn’t have long at home before heading back down hill to Methodist chapel for messy Chuch. Naomi had set off earlier and arrived in good time with Anne, Jo and Zac. It was a bit of a quiet session but that meant good chats with parents. Two families who hadn’t been before. 

Messy church finished at about 6pm and after helping with the tidying we left in car for Lancaster. Dropped off Ann and boys and then continued to Shona’s. 

We spent the evening with Snhona and th Greens. Had a roast turkey dinner and then played games. Sequence and then Dominion. It was 2245 when we finished the game. 

Time to head home and straight to bed. 

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