Diary – 24th February 2016

Another cold, bright morning. These early mornings are getting to me.

Down at Early Birds Izzy and I started playing hangman and then snakes & ladders. A few more kids turned up and everyone was making paper planes. Went outside at 8.30am; that seems to work quite well.

Walked up drive to St Peter’s for prayer meeting which lasted about 1/2 an hour. And then walked back home with Naomi.

Sat and read paper and then spent most of morning sorting things for Jam club.

Naomi got us soup for lunch.

A bit more Jam club prep.

Walked down to village for 3pm to Methodist Chapel and let ourselves in. Ruth, Anton and Sure were not far behind us. Sue, Ruth and I walked up to school to collect children. Returned with Emma showing us how to manage 8 children. Session went quite well except vicar seemed to have his own plans. Craft session became 2 groups so took twice as long and left us no time to play the game I had planned. But not bad for a first session with a new team. Finished about 4.30pm and after tidying up we walked home for about 5pm.

I made a quick tea of tea of beans and cheese on toast and then it was time for me to head out again.

Car tyres looked OK. Drove to Lancaster. Free parking off Dalton Sq. Guitar lesson at 7pm. We started early and finished late. 🙂 Played Elysian and looked at a new tune “Call to Action”.

From there drove round to Ruth and Clive’s house for connect group. 5 of us. A good chat beforehand. Study questions were a bit odd and we skipped a few and then a short prayer time. Finished about 9.30pm.

Drove home and beat Naomi by a few minutes.

Had to stay up a while to allow my fitbit to charge a bit 🙂



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