Diary – 26th February 2016

It wa hard to get out of bed this morning. Not as cold outside. 

Down at early birds it was boys only to start with. Got a bit chaotic so we went outside. Boys wanted me to play cricket with them. In February!!

Came home, read paper, put out washing, hoovered, played guitar, parish web; a morning of bits and pieces. 

Naomi came with me to Calder Vale when I did the minibus run. She went for a walk while I went driving. Children didn’t come out until 20 to 4 and then one little girl got very upset so we were late setting off. It’s been a dew weeks since we went via the farm. That was first stop and then down to Catterall to drop off the rest. Back to the school and we stopped to chat to Mrs Woodhouse before heading home. 

Came home and then I went straight down to Vicarage to sort out network printer.  That took about 15 minutes. Walked home, and made a quick tea of left-overs. 

And then we were out again. Walked down to village and Methodist chapel for the Lent course. Had problems with projector in main chapel so meeting moved to back room where it worked fine. Anton spoke about the Gospel according to Winnie the Pooh. 🙂

And walked home about 8.30pm and watched some TV before bed. 

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