Diary – 27th February 2016

An early start, despite it being a Saturday. Got out of bed at about 7.15am. By the time I got home with the paper I thought I was running a bit late. 

Was expecting Paul to arrive at about 9am so was hurrying to get ready. He called to say he was running late 😦

Naomi went out for a swim and I kept myself busy. Then Paul called again to couldn’t get his towbar attached so we abandoned our foraging trip. As I was alread dressed for it, I went into the garden with my chainsaw and found some wood to cut but soon realised the chain needed sharpening. Naomi had come back by that time. 

It was it about time to head down to the Methodist chapel for another Lent lunch. We took a laptop and various cables. 

Chapel was busy. Lunch being serviced by people from the Catholic Church. Rep from Christian Aid spoke. After eating we went to investigate projector problems and worked out the problem is the installed cable. 

Walked home via St. Peter’s churchyard to admire crocuses. 

Came home, had a drink and we decided to go out for a bike ride “round the block”. Turned out to be quite a big block – 13km


Got home I time to watch Final Score and Middlesbrough won! Naomi spent a whole in the kitchen baking and then I went down and cooked chicken stir fry for tea. 

And watched TV for the evening.  

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