Diary – 28th February 2016

Sunday means a bit of a lie-in so didn’t get until 8am or so. Had breakfast and left house at about 9.45am by which time Naomi was up and about. 

Parked on canal bridge by church. Waited at church in school room until,Rob arrived to find out our plan for the morning and then down to sanctuary for start of morning service. It was a busy service with lots of different things. Headed out with kids around 11am. Less children than last week. We played a blindfold game then read the Bible story of Esau and Jacob and then went to our tables fo craft etc. But there wasn’t any craft, just a few puzzles and colouring in. Kids were getting bored after half an hour so Deborah stepped in and challenged children about the memory verse. Another half an hour before parents started to turn up. 

Chat to a few people and then left for home shortly after 1230. 

Roast beef for lunch with roast veg. 

Washed two cars which took an hour. 

Naomi went out to St T’s evening service at about 6pm. I did washing up, spent an hour on parish IT. Watched Tv until Naomi came home. 

Naomi fried up  lunchtime leftovers for a quick supper. 

Went to bed shortly after 10pm. 

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