Diary – 7th March 2016


And back to work…

Early Birds was quiet. Started with a game of snake and ladders and then we went outside.

Came home and sat in kitchen. Plumber came at 9.30am to do boiler service. I read paper and then washing-up while he worked. When he was finished we went up to my office to look at the two radiators with worn bleed valves which he said he can replace.

After lunch I decided it  was such a nice day that I would go for a walk up Nicky Nook. Views were great but my phone battery died so I didn’t take any photos. There and back took 50 minutes, a distance of 3.2 kilometres. So I was back at the right time for afternoon tea-break!

After tea thought I would do a row as well. Got changed and went downstairs and when I switched it on, the rower reported batteries low, so I couldn’t use it. Well…. Naomi arrived home just then.


So I went for a walk with her instead. Down to the village to buy a birthday card and The Barn and then home again.


Got back just in time for start of Pointless. When show was ended I went downstairs and cooked tea – salmon fillets baked in the oven.

As soon as we’d eaten it was time for me to head off to Lancaster for LBC deacons’ meeting. Started a bit late as no-one had a key to get in. 🙂 Looked like a long agenda but we finished at 9.30pm.

Drove home and then it was bed-time.



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