Diary – 16th March 2016

It was a lovely sunny morning as I walked down the hill.

Another interesting day at Early Birds. The school were doing a science day so Calder Vale children were attending as well. So playground was busy with children I didn’t know but all teaching staff were around early.

And the bell was blown late. Quick march up to church for prayer meeting where everyone was waiting for me. Couldn’t follow prayers on iPad app or find it in prayer book so I was a bit stuffed. A good way to start the day though.

When that finished we went back to the Vicarage to talk about Jam Club and Messy Church. When we’d done talking I reset the network on the big printer for the new router.

And then came home. Hope Tony didn’t mind getting his newspaper so late

Printed my donkeys on card for Jam club did a few other bits and pieces, had lunch and then wandered back down to village for Jam club.

Walked children down from school with Emma and Sue. Started with some songs and the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Moved into back room for snacks and then we did craft.  Everything was much calmer than last week; perhaps because we had Mrs Pollitt and then Mrs Hesketh with us? Or had the science day exhausted the children?


Came home for just after 5pm. Had time for a tea and say hello to Naomi then cooked some pasta with tuna and tomato.

And then it was time to head to Lancaster for guitar lesson. Lancaster was very busy. Had to pay for parking.

Guitar lesson went well. Played 3 Little Pigs, then back to music from last week.

Then drove round to Clive and Ruth’s house for Connect group. Quizzed them in preparation for their church membership application which took  most of the evening. So we finished at 9.30pm.

Drove home and was in bed by 10.30pm


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