Diary – 20th March 2016

A Sunday morning but I still woke up early and was out of bed before 7.30am. So a slow start to the morning until I left at 9.45am. 

Drove to Lancaster which was already very busy, parked on Moorlands and walked down to LBC. No responsibilities so sat at front of pews. It was Palm Sunday and we started with an amusing video but the sermon was about Jesus calming the storm and then sending demons into a herd of pigs. Service was followed by a members’ meeting where I did the membership report for Clive and Ruth. 

Roads were very busy driving home. Lunch was ready shortly after I got home; another Boots roast. 

Decided to go out for a walk. Drove to St Michaels and walked along dyke next to river. Still lots of evidence of flooding. 

On way home stopped at The Barn and bought two pieces of citrus and ginger cheesecake. 

Came home, made tea and hot chocolate to eat with our enormous pieces of cake. So big that we should have saved some for later. 

Naomi went out to evening service at St T’s. I spent some time in office and then watched TV until she came home. 

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