Diary – 6th April 2016

Bit of a restless night, maybe brought on by aches from yesterday’s run, but my Fitbit didn’t show it. 

So, up at about 7.20am. So I was walking down to village before 8am and came back after 8am, dividing steps over 2 hour slots, the new Fitbit challenge. No Guardians at shop so I was fobbed off with a copy New Day. 

Came home, had breakfast and left house very shortly after Naomi. Had to run part of way down to church to get there for 9am. 🙂 so 4 of us at prayer meeting. Chatted afterwards and then helped to move chairs around church and then carried some to vicarage. Then spent an hour or so trying to sort out email accounts but frustrated by slow internet. 

Came home and played on Xbox for a while before lunch. 

No sure where the afternoon went, some time on computer, did a 30-minute row. 

Naomi came home and we had a Fray Bentos pie for tea. Chill beef. An odd combination. 

Then I was out to connect group. Only 5 of us. We each read a psalm. Otherwise a lot of chat. Didn’t. Get home until 10pm which led to a late bedtime. 

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