Diary – 13th April 2016

A rather foggy start to the day. Up at 6.45, breakfast and off to school. 

What do I do when parents are at school to drop off children before 8am?? So there was me and Jack I the playground at 8am, joined shortly after by Izzy and Sam. Got a bit tetchy between boys and girls and I had to send Ellis to the porch for a few minutes. 

Left school and walked u drive to church for morning prayer meeting. Just 5 of us. I always get to do the Scripture reading!! That was about half an hour. Walked back to vicarage for meeting to discuss Jam club and Messy Church. Went on for about 45 minutes. Others left and then I did some It support with Anton to move his email to outlook. 

Got home about 11.30!! Hope Tony didn’t mind his paper being so late. 

Played on Xbox for a bit and get an achievement. had lunch and then went up to office. Was in the middle of stuff when I realised it was time I was heading back down to village so ran as much as I could. 

I was first at chapel. No key to back room so I set up laptop and then when Linda and Dennis arrived left them and I walked up to school. Seemed like nothing else was ready. 

Eventually had jam club children and worship band lined up and walked down to chapel with sue and Mrs Pollitt. 

Did first part of jam club with worship band and then separated. I gave Emma a hand to get her laptop working. 

Jam club had doughnuts and then set about the craft, making sheep masks and simple sheep cut-outs. 

Linda and Dennis gave me a lift home as I was feeling tired. 

Was going to make liver risotto for tea until I found we had no rice. So it turned into liver sitting on top of pasta and tomato sauce. 

Naomi gave me a lift to connect group at Karen’s house. Just Karen, Denise and me.  We chatted about aged relatives and lighthouse. Naomi picked me up about 9.45pm. 

Watched a bit of TV before bed. 

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