Diary – 17th April 2016

Sunday – chance for another lie-in. Fitbit says I was asleep for over 9 hours and almost unbroken sleep!!!

Left house shortly after 9.30am and had a gentle drive to Lancaster with petrol gauge light on and showing range less than 20 miles. Parked on Dalton Square.

We stayed in service quite a long time but it was a communion service so would have longer. Karen led first bit and had kids running to and fro across the room. Then we split into age groups and I led older ones doing a Bible study on Daniel in the lions’ den. Seemed to go ok. Most of group wanted to go down for communion so the two that were left started making mobiles.

Chatted to a few people when finished before heading home and remembered to stop for petrol.

Pork steaks for lunch and then we spent a while in the garden. Nice when sun was out but cold when it went behind a cloud. I got a fire going in the incinerator and burned a lot of woody waste.

A bit later Naomi went out for evening service at St T’s. I found time to pick up my guitar again for a while.

Sunday evening TV is rubbish!!!



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