Diary – 3rd May 2016

Hey h and back to work we go. Alarm went at 6.45am but I hadn’t slept well because of stomach ache and noise from downstairs. 

Back to my normal breakfast watching BBC Breakfast and then walk down to school. It might have been bright and sunny, but it was a bit chilly!! Ellis was fist to arrive at Early Birds and wanted to go indoors. I insisted we stay outside. 

Came home and Naomi and parents were in kitchen and just about ready to go out. 

I stayed home and did some IT catch-up. 

Did a row but still felt bloated so not a fast time. 

Had lunch and then got ready to go out for Chris Paice’s funeral at Hornby. Left house shortly after 2pm, up A6, onto M6 and off again at Caton Road junction through roadworks. 

Arrived at Hornby about 2.30pm and was surprised to see hearse outside church. Parked and checked phone. Oops. Got time wrong – start time was 2pm. Thought it would be awkward to walk in, so back in car and headed home somewhat annoyed. 

In Scorton stopped at house of lady who had called me for help but got no answer so headed home. 

Spent a bit more time in my office playing guitar and some IT stuff. 

Naomi and parents returned about 6pm so then a bit later we had tea: salmon and then cheese and biscuits. 

Rest of evening passed quickly before bed at 10.30pm. 

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