Diary – 10th May 2016

Up at 6.45am. I had been raining overnight but dry by the time I was leaving the house. 

Don’t know what was going on at school. Lots of children coming to early birds very early. And it all got a bit fraught. Thank goodness for home time!!

Cam home and read paper, put laundry in machine and then walked back down to village. 

Meeting in Barn at 10.30am with Debbie from NISCU and various local people to talk about how NISCU can support volunteers in our area. Strange for me as two of my worlds collide. Well, they do already as far as I’m concerned. Lots of off-topic chat and networking. A good time. 

Came home and it was time for lunch. Then a bit of pottering around and it was time to go out again. 

Another walk down to village for my reading time at school. A bit chaotic as Mrs Nayler was leaving early. I left earlier than I normally do. So home for 3.30pm ran some of the way as it was starting to rain. 

Brought washing in in a hurry, not too damp. 

Lots f emails flying around for Naomi about a PC trip to Preston. All sorted so on my own until later. 

Made scrambled eggs with ham and a slice of black pudding. 

And time t go out again!! What a busy day! At least I’m in the car this time. Drove to Lancaster in light rain. 

OMF meeting. 90 minutes of reading letters and praying. And I did the opening prayer and Bible reading. Went on a bit late so didn’t get home until gone 10pm. 

Naomi returned shortly after me and we were in bed soon after. 

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