Diary – 11th may 2016

Naomi was out of bed before me this morning. Most obvious result was that water in shower was warm as soon as I turned on tap. 

Down to school for early birds and we had a bit of aggro between boys and girls interfering with each other’s games. Tilly and I cleaned out the hutch. 

From there to church for morning prayer. A bit of a rushed meeting cos Anton was heading out for the day. There was a lady there I didn’t know. 6 of us altogether. 

Walked home for 9.45. BT engineers were outside so had a chat with them. 

Came indoors, sat and read paper. Got things ready for jam club, worked at PC for a while. 

Did a run round block. 22:42 or do. Felt slow. 

Had lunch. 

Walked down to chapel, set up room before Linda and Dennis arrived. Dennis and I went up to school and escorted children back with Emma. Then we split into jam club and worship band. Jam club went outside and played a game with the parachute, came indoors, watched a video Bible story. We joined together at the end to hear worship band sing a song. Then I helped escort children back to school and so was back home a bit earlier. 

Cooked tea. Lamb mince which had been marinaded in red wine. 

Guitar lesson was cancelled so we shared a car to go to our house groups. We finished the study on Acts 13/14. Afterwards set off walking down A6 and Naomi picked me up before Collingham Park.  Just after I had reached 20000 steps today. 

A bit of time in front of TV before bed. 

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