Diary – 13th may 2016

Last day of the working week, but not feeling so tired as I sometimes do on a Friday. 

So quick breakfast and down to school. Earl birds was the usual boys’ club on a Friday; there were seven boys before the first girl arrived. Didn’t have anything to do until holly got me doing exercises again. 

Came home, read paper. 

Went outside and turned my bucket of newspaper mush into seven briquettes. 

Then with the rubber gloves on I stayed outside and washed two cars. 

Came in for lunch. 

Then it was time for my afternoon trip up to Calder vale. Drove there with the windows down and the music on loud. Lovely views. 

Only two children in the bus. Had a nice chat with Emily as we aimed for  Virginia. So a short drive and home for 4.15pm. 

Naomi came home a bit late as she had cycled. 

Then we went out in car to Morecambe. Google suggested going via Carnforth, so we did. 

Met Helen and Dave and Shona for meal at Golden Lion Chinese restaurant. 15 quid for eat as much as you want so we had lots of starters and then I had had lemon chicken and beef with ginger and spring onions. I’m a creature of habit!

Came home and had a beer before bed. 

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