Diary – 14th May 2016

Run for the world day.  Got up just a bit later than a working day. Pleased to see good weather. 

Had breakfast,  and then walked down to village and came back with newspapers. 

Got my things together and left house a little after 8.30am. 

Up a6, Onto m6 for one junction to Caton Road to try out new slip road again; what a lot of Tarmac!! Roads to Morecambe weren’t too busy and so was at Battery Shortly after 9am. 

No sign of any organisation outside until I realised they were using a church as an indoor office. 

So the run started at about 10am. I set off very quickly and had to make myself slow down. Up towards the polo tower then turn around, pass where we started and continue towards Heysham to the man with the turn sign. Even managed to sprint the last section but disappointed to find the distance was only 3.9km instead of 5. So my time of 22:40 wasn’t at all impressive. Hung around for a while and chatted but didn’t wait for prize giving. 

Traffic coming home was horrendous. Over half an hour from shrimp roundabout to river. Then went to motorway to avoid Lancaster centre. Got home just before Naomi who had cycled to Pilates. 

Tuna mayo sandwiches for lunch, a bit of prep and then we were out again. 

A walk down to the Methodist chapel in the village for our monthly Messy Church. Celebrating Pentecost. Made windmills, twirly mobiles, played outside with a parachute. Sang songs and then ate pizza and garlic bread and chips from Barn why arrived just in time. Had some new people who will hopefully come again. 

Came home and settled down for evening of Eurovision. New voting system made a very dramatic conclusion to the show but was not the best thing to watch just before going to bed!!

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