Diary – 18th May 2016

IT was raining when I got up. When was the last time that happened? So wash, breakfast and off to school in the rain. 

So early birds was indoors. A dozen children by 08.20 and it got quite chaotic but staying in all the time means I get and early finish. 

From school to church for the morning prayer meeting.  

And then a quick walk up the hill to deliver Tony’s newspaper. Noticed that the generator was switched off so guessed all electricity was off. And our alarm was not ringing. :-). 
Walked back down the hill to Methodist chapel. James and I put back projector in back room and then I showed how to configure hdmi audio. 

And then head to Barn. No point in going home with no electricity and so no wifi. Got myself a table by the window. Think I wad the second person there. 

Sat with phone and iPad and a pot of tea, read paper and did sudoku. 

Got an email from NAS so I knew power was back on at home but had already ordered a sandwich for lunch. 

Round about 1pm walked back to house. No problems with power cut. Didn’t really have much time before I walked back down to village and chapel for Jam club. 

We sang some songs. Anton explained the trinity by talking about ice, water and steam. Helen H was in and out. 

Came home and prepared baked potatoes for tea. 

Naomi came home and it was time for me to leave in car. Drove to Lancaster, parked just off dalton sq. 

time for guitar lesson. Did a reprise of the tune we’ve been looking at then retuned  to drop b flat and worked on the late tune in my Pillar book. Went well. 

And then on to connect group. 6 of us. Read acts 15 and talked about conflict. And then prayed. 

Drove home for 10pm and watched a bit of TV. 

Checked BP.pulse was only 50!!

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