Diary – 20th May 2016

Up at 6.45am. Breakfast and walk down to school. Mrs Taylor and Michael arrived with me, rather early for Early Birds but didn’t say anything. Michael wanted to play indoors but I said we should stay out. We went up to the nature area and it started to rain so we did go inside. Not for long. As other children arrived they said it wasn’t raining so we went outside for the rest of the session. No issues. And Mrs Thwaites was prompt to ring the bell. 

Came home, had a brief read of paper and then walked back down to village and vicarage for 10am. 

Meeting to organise Open The Book assemblies. Turned into a dressing up session for me. 

Went on til about 11.30am. Came home and had an early lunch. 

Then walked down to school again. 

A new role – swimming lesson escort. Walked children with Mrs Lund and Mrs Lister from school to coach then drove to Garstang pool. Had to go in boys’ changing to hurry them along. THen sat with Sam who couldn’t swim. And back into ge changing room to get them changed back into clothes. Coach back to school and then walk home. 

Only had 20 minutes at home and then I was out again in the car driving to Calder Vale School. Only 4 children again. When I got back to school looked like a staff meeting was taking place so no chat. Home for about 4.20pm. 

Watched pointless, Naomi came home. We decided to walk down to Thorpey’s for tea even though it was raining. I had a fish and chip dinner. Walked back to village in even heavier rain. Stopped at Barn for a drink or two. Said hello to a couple of school parents. 
Watched to before bed. 

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