Diary – 23rd May 2016

Another week starts, but at least it’s a short one!!

So alarm went off at 6.45am when I was fast asleep.  

A quick breakfast and then down to school. 

Early birds started ok with us cleaning the Guinea pig hutch. But it got crazy with footballs. Relieved to get away. 

Came home to msg on phone. Talked to bathroom supplier and agreed on delivery in afternoon. 

Read paper and then it was time for village Bible study two doors down the lane. 

7 of us. Good chat, read UCB notes and a prayer time. 

Came back, had lunch. 

Had to do some tidying in downstairs lounge to make space for bathroom bits. Took my desk upstairs and start to assemble it. 

Bathroom was delivered at about 2.30pm and it took 2 of us 15 minutes to carry everything from van in to house. 

Then finished assembling desk and put things back together in room. 

And also took delivery of our new BT modem. Tomorrow is infinity day!!

Naomi had choir practice after work so tea was a bit late; sausages and mash. 

And afterwards a bit more of assembling IKEA bits and pieces. 

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