Diary – 25th May 2016

Started the day with Naomi’s alarm clock going off at 6.15 and by the time I got out of bed at normal time she had left the house, going to Edinburgh for the day. 

So then I had a normal start to the day, get up, breakfast and walk down to school. 

The last day at school before half-term break and it was Wig Wednesday. Sadly I didn’t join in, but I did wear a very bright t-shirt. Kids we a bit excited and were mostly up in the nature area until Mrs Pollitt found them at the top of the wall. 

Came home, read paper and spent most of the morning doing IT stuff in my office. My new desk works very well. 

Had lunch and then went back to office and tidied up some more things, along with playing guitar. 

Microwave fish pi for tea and then drive to Lancaster for guitar lesson. Parked on Dalton Square. Had to go to bank for cash to pay for lesson. It’s ages since I had to go to an ATM and I’ve forgotten my PIN!!

Lesson was good. Listened to some Ashen Mortality and worked out how to play it and then went back to Pillar tune from last week. 

And then on to connect group. A good discussion about hearing God and responding. Finished at 9.30pm and drove home. 

Bed time at 11pm. 

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