Diary – 26th May 2016

No alarm  but I still woke up around 7.15am 😦

got up and went down to shop to get papers, came home and had breakfast with Naomi. When she went to work I headed upstairs to read the paper.

Then got things together and headed in to Lancaster.

Parked on Moorlands, walked in to centre and did a bit of shopping.

Then went back to LBC. Need to do some work on office PC. Nice to say hello to lots of people but it stopped me getting on with what I wanted to do!!! So managed to set up several user accounts but didn’t get as far as duplicating profile.

Walked back to car and drove over to Ridge. Bought usual lunch from chippy and then sat in Ridge  I was early so was by myself for a few minutes. Then ppl from earlier meeting joined us  Ruth watched over Geoffrey  I chatted with Linda and others.

Left a little before 3pm and drove home.

Wasnt long before Dave and Helen turned up with baby Leia and Dave’s mum.   Sat in snug with them and I had a long cuddle with Leia.  Naomi came home and Leia went to her and then came back to me.  Visitors left about 6.30pm

Nami made up a quick tea of beans and cheese on toast

then I left in car to g to Lancaster and LBC church meeting.  Sat with Marie and her dog Vince.  All very straighforward until very end when Stan raised issue of all-age communion.  Meeting finished about 9.30pm.


came home and had a quick slug of whisky before bed


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