Diary – 4th June 2016

No alarm and didn’t wake up until after 7.30am. Got up, walked down to shop for papers. 

Came home, ate breakfast in snug. Ha ha. The meeting it thought as at 10.30am has mysteriously moved to 10am. 

So as Naomi was getting up I left house and walked down to vicarage. Meeting with Anton, Linda & Dennis, Ruth & Dennis and Joyce to plan our next Open the Book school assembly. Talked for a while and then moved to church. A successful session I think, finished about 1140. 

By which time Naomi had arrived to pick me up. 

Went home, had bits and pieces of left-overs for lunch. 

Naomi drive to Lancaster to collect Ann and boys. 

I tidied up in kitchen and did some gardening with strimmer and hedge trimmer. Was on a break when they returned. Carried on while they played. I was cutting grass around the apple trees. 

Naomi took them back to Lancaster at about 6pm. I did washing up from making of ice cream. 

Naomi came back and we went out on bikes to Sykes Farm for sheep racing.  🙂  only a 10-minute ride. I had a plate of pork curry and a couple of beers. Did a bet on the last sheep race but didn’t win. We joined in the egg-throwing competition but I messed up a catch on the 5th round but we didn’t break the egg. 

Came home still in light and watched TV before bed at 11pm

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