Diary – 8th June 2016

Slept better and was fast asleep when alarm went off 🙂

So got up, had breakfast and walked down hill to school. 

Early birds was quite busy; I think I counted up to 15. Bit of a dispute over horse jumps caused some tears. 

Then up to Chuch for weekly prayer meeting.  I forgot to open app on iPad this morning so it didn’t work so had to use book. Only 5 of us. No Anton so no comment on Bible reading. 

Came home, read paper then upstairs to office and worked on parish website for morning. Everything now works so I was busy uploading html code. 

Had lunch and did a bit more on website. 

Then down to village for Jam club. Just me, Linda and Dennis leading. I read the Bible story of Paul and Silas and we sang a song. All outdoors. Then we joined the Worship band to practice a song for Sunday. Walked the kids back to school and came home for 5pm. 

Baked potato for tea and then I was off to Lancaster for the evening. 

Parked on Bridget St, as close as I could get to Music Spot. Ran across road to get cash and then picked up guitar and went in. Started lesson 10 minutes early. Played what we think is Ashen Mortality tune and then back to Pillar and worked on that.  Quite enjoyable. 

And then off to connect group. 5 of us. Looked at Acts 17. Good session. 

Home for 9.30pm. And time t relax before bed.  

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