Diary – 20th June 2016

Was awake at 5am and restless after that until alarm rang. Got up, breakfast. 

Naomi was up and out before I was ready to go out. 

It was raining hard while I had breakfast but stopped before I walked down to school. 

As I picked up my register and went outside it started to rain again so I decided to start Early Birds indoors. 

Hazel was first to arrive and it was a quiet session. Rain got worse and worse so we were in all the the til I sent kids to classes at 8.50am and headed home. 

Sat and read paper. Did some stuff online, remembered to charge my watch. 

Walked over to Judy’s to say I wouldn’t stay for Bible study. Back at home did a few chores and then got ready for a bike ride. 

Left at 11.30am. Took road to Forton and then Cockerham to Conder Green and then onto old railway to Lancaster. Crossed Millenium Bridge and then the cycle path all the way to Morecambe. Stopped briefly on the prom and ate a sandwich. Was still a bit early so cycled along prom and jetty and then headed to credit union for 1pm. 

Was there to check specs of PCs. 4 PCs didn’t take v long at all but lots of chat. So was there about 30 mins. 

Jumped back on bike and headed home same way. Stopped on Lancaster Quay to eat rest of lunch. Arrived home at about 3pm. 

I needed a wash, so did bike. Decide to wash car as well. Then had a bath. 

Got ready for an evening out. Left about 5.30 and drove up to Capernwray for NISCU evening. An Indian meal. Finished at 9pm. Got home in time to see last few minutes of England v Slovakia. 

Bed at 10.30pm. 

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