Diary – 1st July 2016

Woken again by alarm. Got up, had breakfast, walked down to school. 

Early birds got busy quite quickly; I remember not that long again when no-one turned up on a Friday before 8.15am. Holly had me doing lots of exercise. 

Came home, sat down and had a long read of paper. Then spent rest of morning running up and down stairs doing various things. 

An early lunch and then walked down to school for 1pm. 

It was busy cos new reception children were being collected. 

Went on coach with Grizedale and Bowland classes to swimming lessons. It was a session wher they were all tested on swimming 25m. Sat with Sam and Ruby. 

Walked back home, had time for a quick dink and then drove up to Calder Val school for minibus run. Only 4 children. 

Home for 4.30pm. Watched a bit of Wimbledon and then when Naomi was me cooked liver for tea. 

Naomi went out for evening. I settled down to watch WAL v BEL. Saw early goals but missed the winners as I moved around the house. 

Naomi came home, watched the last leg. Bed. 

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