Diary -4th July 2016

And a new week starts.

Early Birds was quiet – I wonder if everyone is feeling like me, that this seems a very long term? There was a bit of excitement when an Olympic athlete turned up as part of sports day. Not sure who he was.

Came home, read paper and started some laundry before going down road for village Bible study.  Only 5 of us and June there for the first time in a long time. So started with lots of chat. Judy still insisted on doing the quota of daily readings so we were late finishing.

Came home, put out laundry and then got a few things together and walked down to village.

School sports day on playing field. Started at 1.15pm. Ate lunch while watching. Variations on running with all ages doing moreorless the same run. Curtailed by weather at 2.15pm as it was raining and ground was too slippery to consider jumping.

Came home. Washing was still dry despite the rain shower!!

Phone was making odd ringing noises so called UW to report fault. I was on the phone to them for 15 minutes!!

Watched a bit of tennis, practiced guitar. Afternoon soon went.

Naomi came home and went straight out to choir practice.

I cooked sandwich steak for tea, ready for when she came home.

I went out to Lancaster in rain. Spent the evening at Kevin’s house. I wanted to do some work on LBC office PC. I thought Kevin said he had remote access but he only has access to files. So I couldnt do what I wanted but we went through lots of other stuff.

Came home for about 10pm.



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