Diary – 9th July 2016

Was awake early but dozed until,7.30am or so but still felt tired. Got up and walked down to shop for papers. It start raining almost as soon as I was back indoors. Ate breakfast and read paper then went t kitchen to tidy up and clean. 

Naomi got up, came down and helped clear kitchen before going out. 

I mopped floor I kitchen and utility room and then did some parish web maintenance before she came home again. 

Soon after she came back we set off to Lancaster. Parked by hospital and went down to Leisure Lakes with bike to leave for a service. Then over to Music Spot and left clarinet for a service. Went to Brown Cow for lunch. Shopped at M&S, Mountain Warehouse and Monsoon before going back to car, stopped at Booths to buy food and then returned to Leisure Lakes to collect bike. 

Came home, put kitchen straight. 

In-laws arrived about 6.30pm. 

Naomi had cooked mince for tea and sat in kitchen to eat that and cheese & biscuits. 

Naomi and Hilary went out for walk, Rob and I sat and ate more cheeses and drank wine and chatted. 

Ended with an early night. 

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