Diary – 15th July 2016

Day started dry but forecast was for rain by 9am so I took a coat down to school. 

Early  Birds was quiet; half a dozen boys and Izzy before 8.30am. The boys were playing football and Izzy sat and chatted with me. Playground only got busy in last few minutes before whistle blow. 

Came home and read paper and did some chores. 

Drove down to Garstang for appointment at health centre. Armed with lots of blood pressure numbers. I think Melanie is the pharmacist. She took my blood pressure, weighed me, took a blood sample and we had a good chat. She is quite happy with my health. 

Came home and had lunch. 

Walked down to school in rain. Coach was already parking as I arrived. And so we went down to Garstang pool. A 6 was very busy and driver took us down to crossroads so we were in queue for a ages. Drama at pool as Theo got his arm caught behind handrail. Boys took ages to get dressed after lesson so we were a bit late getting back to school. 

Walked home in rain and didn’t have time to do much at all, even a tea, before jumping in car and driving up to Calder Vale. My last minibus run of this teaching year. Only 3 children so it was very quick. 

Drove home and was straight out walking down to village for school staff do at The Barn. Got there at 4.30pm. Big table at window. I think everyone was there. There was a finger buffet. Helen and I quite quickly drank a jug of “gin cocktail”; was it just watered down? I went to The bar and ordered a second jug. Conversation got easier as people left until there was only half a dozen of us and Naomi turned up at about 8.30pm. Eventually came home at about 10.30pm. 

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