Diary – 16th July 2016

Slept well, but a bit restless in middle of night. And got up late. 

Walked down to village, came back, had breakfast and read paper. Naomi got up and went out to Pilates. 

I looked at parish website.  In haste to improve security a few days ago I had restricted logon to one IP, but a few days ago I rebooted our router and so had a new IP and so was locked out. :-). Had to delete a plugin folder to get access back. Apparently BT do not offer static IPs to home customers. 😦

Naomi returned and we set out in car to Lancaster. Stopped at Music Spot to collect clarinet after repair. Then round back streets to get to Shona’s house. She was ready and so we were straight back in car and drove to Morecambe. 

It was the Kite Festival. Parked on west end road and walked to prom and then along towards stone jetty. Stopped for a burger. Walked to end of jetty, stopped to admire some interesting musical devices and then back to car. 

Drove to Heysham, parked near Strawberry Gardens and walked down to village and had a look round Viking Festival. Stopped at church hall for ice cream. Saw a little bit of Vikings fighting. 

Then headed home. Dropped off Shona, came through Lancaster and went to Ashton Hall. Bought some compost and other bits and then came home. 

Had a drink of tea and then walked down to Priory for tea. Pint of beer to start, mighty fish and chips and a bottle of wine

Came home feeling very full and watched TV until bedtime. 

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