Diary – 20th July 2016

Was awake before the alarm went off 6.45am. Got up, breakfast and ready to go to work. Naomi was down just before I left. 

Was still dry as I walked down hill. Chatted to caretaker. As I stepped outside at 8am it started raining so I retreated rapidly to the library. Only and Tilly arrived first and it got quite busy rapidly. Children went to classrooms at 8.50am and that was me done for the year!!

Walked up to church for prayer meeting. No Anton, Dennis led. At end Dennis gave me a lift home. 

A quick read of paper and then I walked back down to school. Blue sky, but took coat, just in case rain returned. 

Confusion over time of leavers’ service. Some people had arrived for 10.30. Helen asked me to look after laptop. That wasn’t such a good idea as Emma knew the format of the service better than me. I need to show Helen that there are bett ways to manage multi-media services. Said goodbyes to Mrs Nayler and Mrs Thwaites. 

Came home and had lunch. 

Weather was much better and getting hot again.  Played guitar several times, chopped more wood, watched TdF. 

Cooked chicken for tea and ate mine. 

Nami came home just before I left.  

Drove to Lancaster, parked on Dalton Sq. Music Spot was v quiet. Started lesson a bit early. Played what we did last week – whisky in the jar – and then worked on Run to You by Bryan Adams. 

And then drove home. 

Sat in snug for evening. 

Naomi went out and got a nasty insect bite. 

I enjoyed a couple of slugs of whisky. 

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