Diary – 15th August 2016

Had a restless night. Up at 7.30am and then we all had breakfast together on the balcony. 

Martin went out to work and after a while the rest of us went down to the garden. 

Started to pick plums and then I cut the grass. 

Came in at lunchtime. 

Martin came home and kenn and I went out with him. 

Drove to waiblingen and parked in car park. Martin went to dentist, kenny and I walked to find a geocache. It was by a water-fountain and once we had found it we sat in the shade and waited for Martin. Used iPhones to locate each other. 

Drove to fellbach to pick up prescription then drove on to big DIY shop and looked at fire pits. 

Then drove into countryside and found another cache and then drove to DIY shop at endersbach. 

And then home. 

Sat in garden for a while and ate cake and then headed indoors for tea. 

Kenny was busy creating a geocache when a hot air balloon flew past the house, very  close. 

We got our shoes on and headed out to the river and found the ballon just landed in a field

Stood and watched as they collapsed the balloon and then went for a walk along the riverside footpath to place Kenny’s cache. 

Found a good place and then walked home for about 9.30pm. 

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