Diary – 16th August 2016

Up at 7.30am again. 

Ate breakfast on balcony after Martin had gone to work. 

Naomi and I went out for a walk just to the north of the village. Walked through lots of small holdings, most of the time on Tarmac lanes. Found 3 geocaches but failed to find 2 more. Back to house for about 11.30am as it was getting very hot. 

Sat in house for a while until we thought about lunch but we’re out too late to get anything from baker or supermarket so made do with cheese sandwiches. 

Stayed in house for afternoon and joined by Ruth and children early afternoon. 

After a while kenny and I went out for a walk north-east of village and found another geocache. 

Came back, Ursula arrived and we had homemade flammenkuchen, savoury and apple. 

Afterwards Martin, kenny and I looked at geocaching. Disappointed to find the place we picked for a geocache yesterday is too close to another cache. Naomi, Ruth and Ursula played dominion. 

I went to bed at 10.30pm and left them playing. 

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